Stay a Moment and Pop Some TarBubbles!

Go back…go back in time when you were wearing overalls and sitting on a curb staring down at the small leftover pools of tar that would form bubbles in the summer sun. Sometimes fishing and playing tag were not what you needed – sometimes just sitting on the curb and looking for bubbles to poke at was what the day called for.

As you pressed your finger into the tar your fingerprint left a fossil, no… a time capsule- better – preserving a memory of a small moment in time from another age when children could wander alone and sit on a curb without constant apprehension of abduction.

All of the tar was interesting, whether it be as simple as a formless warm puddle of tar that felt good or a step up to the really cool tar bubbles that would be a little bit dry and even crispy and crack when you pressed on them. But the winners were those rare ones that held warm or even hot water that would surprise you when the water squirted out and sometimes gave you a minor shot to the face.

Those times of quiet absorption were when ideas and dreams would spark and set fire to an imagination filled with castles and Indians, mountains and lost treasure that would lead the daily charge of activity with your lifelong friends.

Today, this blog named Tar Bubbles is created to deliver the results of this quiet absorption for you and when you press upon each bubble (or blog entry) they will sometimes crack, sometimes leave an impression, sometimes squirt you in the eye but all are written to offer value in their own manner and always with eagerness and passion.

Crouch down or have a seat on the curb and look at the bubbles and go ahead…press one and see what you get.

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family cropped is a lifestyle blog targeting people like me.  Parents doing their best to survive, prosper, and excel in the whirlwind of our daily lives.

The topics will be multifaceted.  An appropriate reflection of the diverse lives parents lead – however, they will be singularly focused upon the theme of a parent’s experience.

I am married and have two school age boys.  I am a current Cub and Boy Scout leader, a former coach of multiple children’s sports.  Also a published author with a degree in creative writing, technology professional, and an experienced and accomplished public speaker.  I love the outdoors, lead an active lifestyle and am fueled and energized by my the needs of children of which I am a zealous advocate.

Between early am cappuccinos, morning revelry with the sleepy boys, school commuter chaos, and mid afternoon cafe Cubano I will be focusing on delivering engaging and pertinent content.

Expect everything from diet to fitness to health to volunteering – send me suggestions and ask questions and sure, throw tomatoes, I’ll feel right at home. 🙂

Grateful for your presence and the opportunity to be of service to you and yours.


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