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The Wall Street Journal’s Dark Message of Elitism

Today we peruse the Wall Street Journal and learn from Mr. Galston that the “higher-educated”, the “up-scale”, “educated whites” and “more educated” are going to vote for Hillary.  In using these specific phrases he portrays his own dark and jaded viewpoint of those of us without a college degree.

More Condescending Crap from Ivory Tower Elites 

For the record I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English, a minor in Latin American Studies and am degreed in foreign institutions and have supported Donald Trump from day one. I suppose in spite of that background, I am to be considered just more white trash, illiterate, bitter scum that thinks NPR stands for National Pork Roast.  Or rather National Party of RatPack? The condescending picture I am receiving from his description of the “less educated” is low born, disgraceful Bill Clinton; not any of the college graduates I know trying to save our country.

What Mr. Gaston and like minded brown shirts view as educated, us unwashed rednecks view as mindless, brainwashed, indoctrinated, lemmings.  Whatever a college education used to mean, the last few decades has created a mold stamp process, where short hair, short thoughts, carefully stated and politically correct approved language dominate what used to be a thought stimulating environment.

The college educated he views as seeing their world as better after eight years of Obama are none I have met.  I believe he must mean the naive and ignorant Millennials who look at the Clintons as some Waltonesque grandparents.  He might also be portraying the rationalization of those elites that decided a six digit college education was worth the investment. Those same fools are probably the staunchest supporters of Hillary as they are hoping she will vote to eliminate their college loan debt so they can move out of their parent’s basement.

It is further troubling that someone who warrants a byline on the Wall Street Journal can portray opposition to illegal immigration as opposing diversity.  Clearly, Mr. Galston’s telescopic views from his likely upper west side guarded flat of a multi-faceted demography see all folks of color as one and the same. Being pro-diversity is now also code for pro-criminal rather than traditional pro-immigration and melting pot.  Like most Americans, my ancestors were also immigrants.  My grandparents entered this country legally, Mr. Gaston, and my grandfather lies in a pauper’s grave in Queens.  I imagine the highly educated, upscale like yourself don’t notice that graveyard on your way to LaGuardia in the back of the limo whilst reading Sophocles or Pliny the Elder.

“Unlike less-educated voters,, they believe that trade has benefited their family’s finances.”  What type of trade would that be, Mr Gaston?  Would that be the Clinton’s NAFTA which wiped out the textile industry and vast numbers of manufacturing jobs?  Would that be the Clintons allowing the Chinese into the World Trade Organization and decimating jobs globally?  Which trade is it that we perceive as helping our family’s finances?

How disappointing to see a man in the opinion section of the fabled Wall Street Journal writing as if he is some slovenly sports writer citing meaningless statistic for the Sunday paper. “When it is a full moon over Russia, the Colts win by a spread of five as long as the wind is coming from the east.” That is what this drivel reads like.  I suspect the Wall Street Journal needed some last minute filler and the pressure of meeting a deadline compelled the author to grab poll data and draw definitive conclusions from narrowly drawn data.  Very weak, sir.  Very weak.

May I further ask, what are these college graduates educated in?

Morals? Ethics? Values?

Hillary has her degree from Bryan Mawr.  What was she educated in?

Is she your model of a highly educated person?

Bill Clinton – law degree.

Is he the model we should all aspire to?

What exactly do you think happens when someone gets a college degree?

Mr. Galston clearly believes it makes you a better person than the “others”.

I have news for you.  The others are not alone this election, that is, unless they are voting for Hillary Clinton.  Throw away your common core mathematics and try to follow this logic.

70% of American voters don’t think the country is headed in the right direction  combined with 50% that don’t traditionally vote. This represents the storied silent majority which may or may not show up on election day.  This voter, who actually mingles with people that don’t use deodorant, and speaks Spanish with the landscaper, is seeing large groups of people whispering around the water cooler and hot dog stand attesting for Trump. This voter sees the kids of the parents that aren’t talking, agreeing on Trump. There are a massive amount of voters that haven’t participated in the past that after eight years of Obama and the prospect of Return of the Clintons are quite likely to come charging to the ballot box on November.

Finally – Despite record numbers of voter turnout that elected Trump, we continue to hear of his divisiveness.   Despite record numbers at his rallies, we continue to hear of his politics of subtraction.

Is the Wall Street Journal truly this desperate for content?  What a shame.

Ham – Out.


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