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Trump on Abortion – Electing a CEO

Trump on Abortion – We are Electing a CEO

I am watching the Washington insiders spin like tops over the idea of Trump being the Republican nominee.  The avowed conservatives I admire like those who participated in the recent National Review attack piece including Glenn Beck, Bozell, Boaz, etc. are caught up on the message rather than the meaning, the points rather than the purpose, the bluster rather than the beef.

Like so many things with Trump it can be hard to separate the man from the bombast he produces.

Chaff from the Wheat -For Trump – Winning is Everything

Ultimately, Trump is a pragmatic businessman who is singularly focused on being successful in his endeavors.  While my crystal ball works as well as anyone else’s I will propose that Trump is manipulating the voters to gain support in a similar way that Obama did and still does.   Obama will announce that he supports gay rights or NCAA playoffs or abortion but his powers to implement change in those areas is non-existent.  His only purpose is to gain popularity and an edge over his opposition.  That is what Donald is also doing – he is gaining support by flouting positions he cannot directly impact.

Trump on Abortion and Separation of Powers

Trump, unlike Obama, seems to fully understand the separation of powers and is only voicing his opinion on things beyond his control to gain votes and win to change those things that are within the power of the executive branch.

Trump on Abortion – Judicial Branch

My in-box is stuffed with fellow pro-lifers complaining about Trump.  Friends, countrymen – Trump cannot change Roe V Wade anymore than any other President has been able to.  Fellow pro-lifers – do not get caught up on the foolishness of the supreme court justices as your sole hope of implementing that change.  Anti-abortion President George W Bush appointed John Roberts who has not done a single thing to change Roe V Wade and also has supported Obama Care.  Roberts served in the Reagan and Bush administrations.  There are many more examples of justices not following the dictate of those that appointed them.  Understand that most of the justices believe in the separation of powers and will not heal to their former master.

Trump on Abortion and Planned Parenthood – Legislative Branch

On this topic of Planned Parenthood – I don’t like what Trump is saying either but again you are confusing the message with the medium.  Donald Trump doesn’t create laws like de-funding Planned Parenthood and he knows it – that is within the domain of the legislative branch.  Will he sign a bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood like many of us would like?

I will answer it this way:

is Trump a businessman that relies on different groups within his company to fulfill their roles?


Does Trump truly want to get in the mix of which cement (pun intended) his company uses?


Does Trump ensure his company is profitable?


Will Trump ensure our country runs on a balanced budget like his company?


Therefore, if a branch (called a department like HR or Finance) of the new company (called the United States) that has been elected by the populace (called shareholders) votes to approve legislation (called policy) that lowers costs of said company that help meet budget goals, what would a CEO do?


The National Review attack article on Trump

Read here:  Trump No Conservative – Vote for Hillary!!

Reminds me of the Monty Python movie:

Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Forest for the Trees – Curtains for the Castle

The King explains to his son the Prince that one day this will all be his, and the Prince exclaims, “What, the curtains?”.

Forest for the Trees – Fellow Conservatives.  Forest for the Trees.

Message to Conservative “Pundits”:

You don’t like Trump because of a myriad of things that are, yes, unlikeable.  However, is that truly how you make your decisions?

Is the person that styles your hair perfect?

Blends your Champagne perfect?

Drives your limos perfect?

Brews your lattes perfect?

Polishes your nails perfect?

Tailors and sews your custom outfits perfect?

Cooks your culinary delights perfect?

You have apparently removed yourselves too far from the rabble you espouse to represent.  In my world I work with people who are ardent supporters of children who have…gasp, tattoos, and eek, puh.puh.puh.puh.puh.piercings, and say the fuh,fuh,fuh,fuh,fuh,fuh, fuh-word.  Nonetheless, they show up, get their hands dirty and make the world a better place for children as your limo drives by and you have the chauffeur lower the window an inch and drop change for the minions struggling in the gutters just to feel good about yourself.   At least that fool Carter builds some houses for people in need while y’all are buying painted fish tanks from long, dead patricians you idolize.  How disappointing that you have become the people you used to attack.

We have suffered for decades from the liberals that know how to win because of those losing candidates you insiders forced upon us.  You chose them for “relevant” reasons: like-ability, honored veterans, experience, polished, conservatives, blah, blah, blah.  I’d like to see how well y’all do at the horse track or poker for that matter.

Yes, your expertise has provided us Dole and Kemp, McCain and Palin, Romney and Ryan, GW’s RINO policies, stumbling speeches and marginal victories that eeked us out from Gore and Kerry.  Is that something to celebrate?  Where are your victors?  What have they done for our country?

We finally, finally, have a candidate that knows how to win and is leveraging our system to do so while staying within the confines of the Constitutional precedents that you “pundits” state you support.

Your response and reaction?   You place all of your strident efforts on attacking him which aides the enemy – stay the hell out of the election process please – we haven’t elected someone you support since Reagan and I am willing to bet the majority of you didn’t support him either.

I have news for you – while you have survived and prospered in the age of Obama many of us have been slaughtered.  The stresses have cost us businesses, loved ones, marriages, health. life savings, homes and more.  You have the nerve to attack the one person who can finally defeat the democrats and try to force upon us a candidate who “walks with you” but that has no name recognition to the voters and will be crushed by the Clinton machine.  You saw what idiotic Joe Biden did to Paul Ryan in the debate, the way it was played and yet you haven’t learned how to win because you think politics is about ideas and principles.

No, it is about power and winning and the candidates you want to run against those that lust for power are weak and cannot win.

We, the voters supporting Trump, many of which are not conservatives, cannot stand or survive another liberal Presidency.  However, we strange bedfellows are patriots seeking to save our country and this Presidential election may very well be our last gasp.  Please do not force another loser on us.

Out – but still in – Very right wing, ultra-conservative, pro-life, hate Planned Parenthood – HAM.


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