Donald Trump's Revolution

The Donald Won It All – How Sweet It Is!!

To Donald – Yes – I am gloating – I am amongst the rare species that picked Donald Trump in the summer of 2015 to win it all. I created this blog specifically to write for him and this election in the hopes that my minor contributions might extend my voting influence beyond my one.


I am so thrilled that you decided to run and serve your country. There was never anyone else that could have won despite Hillary’s faults. You are this generation’s Reagan starting your own revolution.

It is an answer to my and the country’s prayers that Donald Trump has won. No one has had to fight more than Donald Trump against every possible enemy including his own party. While Clinton had everyone working for her, Trump was on an island. The Bush family disappointed me immensely for their ridiculous clannish behavior that had them siding with pathetic Jeb and abandoning their country. This is criminal after the damage already wrought by W who took the “high road” by never responding to Obama destroying the republican brand by blaming the GOP for everything. It stuck and the country has had to suffer immensely for the Bush’s pride.

I have targeted Paul Ryan, Glenn Beck, and even Rush Limbaugh in defending Trump. I hope Kasich is voted out asap and Mitt Romney should be completely ashamed himself by adding insult to injury by seeking to push our a winning candidate. Romney needs to stop admiring himself in the mirror and notice the log in his eye.


Today, I received a note asking why I supported a Nazi with a suggestion that I was a racist. No. How can people be so ignorant at this point to not understand the media’s complete collusion with the democrats and digest their lies as gospel? Nonetheless, the indoctrinated are just that. They are for their party over their country. While we celebrate and celebrate and celebrate, we must still look ahead to future elections to solve the riddle of our educational agenda. Today, the standard public education and college student is democrat by default. The future dictates we solve this issue. 

After Donald eradicates the Obama legacies of Obamacare, illegal immigration, and out of control spending, he must work to break the democrat hold on the public education system. Otherwise, this election will be a speed bump on the road to socialism.

Thank you Donald for saving our country. God Bless You.

Ham – Not Out!!

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