Textile Industry & Manufacturing jobs sold by the Clintons

Clinton’s NAFTA China WTO Killed Textile Industry, U.S. Manufacturing

The Textile Industry

Was once a solid career for American workers in the rural United States. Did you, a relative or a friend work in the textile industry? They lost their livelihood, their career, and maybe their home in the nineties. Do you know why?

According to Barack Obama: the textile industry and many other manufacturing jobs were destroyed because of the Clintons. Obama and other democrat candidates, have said that 1 million jobs have been “lost because of NAFTA.

Obama, the King of Campaigning made some excellent points on the Clintons that he unfortunately has forgotten in his current quest to preserve his legacy by supporting Hillary,

Obama’s claim (courtesy of the Department of Labor) are proven out at this website:



The Clintons love affair with money led to NAFTA which sent the textile industry and many other manufacturing jobs south of the border.

Corporations donate hundreds of millions to people like the Clintons to enact legislation to help them improve profits. The highest cost a business has is labor.

Corporations sole function is to return a profit to their investors.

Politicians, formerly known as public servants, sole function is to act  in the interests of their voters.

The corporations donated millions to the Clintons.

The Clintons passed the bills to make them more profitable.

The Clintons, not the corporations, are corrupt.


NAFTA is the Clinton’s work that destroyed a million jobs in the United States and Hillary defends it to this day.

NAFTA was passed years ago but the towns, the families, the counties and states are still suffering. When an anchor employer leaves small town America, there is little to no opportunity for the affected. These communities that once relied on the textile industry are still suffering or ghost towns while Hillary and Bill are worth hundreds of millions.


That is the past but today, Hillary and Bill rise again in their infinite greed to suck more money from donors.

Verizon donates millions to Hillary – Yahoo employees – here come the layoffs due staffing “efficiencies and consolidation.”

AT&T donates millions to Hillary – Time Warner employees – here come the layoffs due staffing “efficiencies and consolidation”.

NAFTA effect on automotive industry

North American automotive jobs, which dropped from 64.5% in 2000 to just 53.4% in 2012. By 2012, 39.1% of all automotive jobs in North America were in Mexico, up from 27.1% of such jobs in 2000.1


China – Because of the Clintons

The Clintons received monies from China too.

“Yet the bet paid off for China. It has blossomed into the world’s greatest exporter and second-biggest importer.” 2

The author claims that “Had China been kept out of the WTO, there would have been less growth for everybody. 2

Which everybody? Who has truly benefited from Chinese imports into the United States? We are able to get certain products for significantly less, but as millions of Americans have significantly less money due China, were the job losses truly worth it? Wouldn’t the millions of Americans prefer the job, the self-esteem, the purpose, the joy of providing for their family than 75% off a pair of jeans they pay for with an unemployment check?

NAFTA Impacts on American Jobs

With their lack of internal resources, small regional businesses are not offered the same opportunities by NAFTA, and in fact, the agreement makes them more vulnerable to the concentrated local effect of a multi-national competitor. U.S. manufacturing, often in concentrated geographical areas, suffered large business and job losses as NAFTA cast a shadow over any labor-intensive process that is not highly automated.3

According to one estimate, workers in Canada and Mexico have displaced 829,280 U.S. jobs, mostly high-wage positions in manufacturing. The heaviest U.S. manufacturing-job losses were in states such as Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Indiana and Florida. 3

Factcheck needs to look up the definition of facts. In an article on NAFTA they defend the act through the mis-application of statistics. “NAFTA took effect on Jan. 1, 1994. Since that time, the U.S. economy has added just over 25 million jobs, of which nearly 20 million were added under President Clinton, who pushed for ratification of NAFTA and signed the agreement.” 4

Were the one million jobs lost due NAFTA re-hired or at all related to the growth? NO. The textile jobs and other manufacturing were not recreated in those communities. The growth was high tech due the dot.com bubble which was largely in California.  By the way, that bubble did burst. These jobs are gone forever and the communities decimated. The job growth under Clinton was due Reagan tax cuts that led to the internet boom and the tech bubble. NOT manufacturing.

NAFTA and China

As with all political acts the spin machine is working overtime to protect the politicians. In one instance an “expert” defends NAFTA explaining that the jobs would have gone to China anyway.  When NAFTA was enacted, China was not the global player they are today. The jobs would not have gone to China either without the help of the Clintons. Yes, they strike Again – the Clintons pushed hard for China to enter the World Trade Organization

Alternatives for Unemployed

NPR recently reported how important and urgent the need is for unemployment and welfare benefits in its series on The Poverty Tour. The broadcast seeks to convey the need for more government programs given the plight of the poor. While the need may very well be an accurate one, and the plight truly represented, NPR completely and likely deliberately, failed to include the cause of the poverty.

Simply – job loss. The Clintons have wiped out the Coal industry, the telecom industry, textiles, manufacturing and much more. Most of those unemployed are in communities where there are no alternatives besides a check from the government that cost them their livelihood.

We cannot give the Clintons another opportunity to further damage our country and the world. Losing our jobs, homes, self-esteem is terrible. Losing our families and loved ones to more wars that Hillary supported in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Russia and terrorism organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda that the Clintons ignored is and would be horrible.

Their capacity for greed, selfishness, fame and glory are only surpassed by their poor judgment, sociopathic tendencies, and criminal intent.

If you don’t like Trump, then don’t vote for him, but if you want your family safe, then don’t vote for Hillary.


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