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Boys Christmas

Video Games and Your Children

Video games – sometimes us parents feel like video games are our nemesis.  In this blog I will address what the impacts are of addicting games, if video games cause violence, what are the effects of violent video games on children, and the biggest question which is how long should I permit my children to play per day? The holidays…

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Tarbubbles.com is a lifestyle blog targeting people like me.  Parents doing their best to survive, prosper, and excel in the whirlwind of our daily lives.

The topics will be multifaceted.  An appropriate reflection of the diverse lives parents lead – however, they will be singularly focused upon the theme of a parent’s experience.

I am married and have two school age boys.  I am a current Cub and Boy Scout leader, a former coach of multiple children’s sports.  Also a published author with a degree in creative writing, technology professional, and an experienced and accomplished public speaker.  I love the outdoors, lead an active lifestyle and am fueled and energized by my the needs of children of which I am a zealous advocate.

Between early am cappuccinos, morning revelry with the sleepy boys, school commuter chaos, and mid afternoon cafe Cubano I will be focusing on delivering engaging and pertinent content.

Expect everything from diet to fitness to health to volunteering – send me suggestions and ask questions and sure, throw tomatoes, I’ll feel right at home. 🙂

Grateful for your presence and the opportunity to be of service to you and yours.


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