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Clinton's Performance

Clinton’s Performance Cost Telecom Sector +500k Jobs

The Clinton’s performance over the last 30 years is the obvious forecast of how they will govern in the future. Voters are hopefully inspecting the Clinton’s performance to judge whether to vote for Hillary in 2016. As they cost the telecommunications, technology and other industries over a half million jobs with this single piece of legislation, voters should scrutinize the record…

Liberal Bias

Liberal Bias in Media and Entertainment

Liberal Bias in Media and Entertainment – This is biased. Don’t you think everything you read or listen to should have a disclaimer that states whether or not it is biased?  I mean why not?  There are always warnings for food products, medicine and even video games warning what the product contains or might do.  For example: Zero Transfat, MSG,…

Isis Terrorism

Isis Terrorism – Country and Family First, Party Last

Isis Terrorism spreading like wildfire I’ve lived in Paris and visited the amazing city many times.  I have, stood on top of the World Trade Center the night my wife and I were engaged, been in the Rome and Madrid airports where I first came face to face with patrolling soldiers with machine guns.  Now – I see those soldiers…