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Snorkeling – When I mention Jacques Cousteau to my children they look at me with abject ignorance as if I am referencing some ancient subordinate of Napoleon. However, they would be surprised and interested to learn that they equip themselves today with a snorkeling mask very similar to the one that Cousteau made famous during his television exploits over forty years ago – that is until now. 

Very few products from my youth remain untouched by innovation. Think records, telephones, television, cars, games – think Kodak, Bell, Polaroid, ITT. However the snorkel and mask have been the man-made equivalent to the crocodile – unchanged and frozen in antiquity.

Meet The Tribord Easybreath

I’m a swimmer that prefers ocean swimming over pools for many positive reasons like the aesthetic beauty, the indescribable experience of swimming through schools of fish, and the tangible healthy sensation it leaves you with from drawing in the cleanest air available. However, there are negatives including waves splashing in your mouth when you come up for air, seasonal and unpleasant sea life like Man of Wars, and of course the constant although exaggerated risk of sharks.

A snorkel and mask have been the solution to the wave dilemma for these last four years. Also, as an asthmatic I struggled to get my breathing right due varying lung capacity issues that are alleviated with a snorkel.

When the straps on my most recent mask snapped yet again, I did my research online and saw this weird creation called the Tribord Easybreath. After doing some reading I was sufficiently intrigued to visit local shops to see who carried it, get their opinion and hopefully validation of the product as a viable alternative. The local dive shops in Lauderdale by the Sea are attended by graying surfers who greeted my question with confusion and then skepticism.

With doubts in my mind I made it home, went back online. and still finding no local dealers bought it from Amazon and the weird StarLord (Guardians of the Galaxy) device showed up quickly. Thank you Amazon Prime and instant gratification!

Initial Analysis – Day One

In reading the manual my first thoughts were that it contradicts the tribord reviews about swimming. The manual for some reason does not recommend using the Easybreath for swimming as exercise which is my specific purpose.

Further the care conditions are lengthy and indicative of a sensitive product loaded with escape clauses to avoid warranty returns.

With skepticism building and thoughts about return policies I moved into the water and tried it on.

Live Trial – Day One

It fit perfectly and comfortably grasped the contours of my face. I slid into the slight waves with a freestyle stroke and immediately realized I had a real problem. I was forced to confess to my wife that I had fallen in love with another. The Tribord Easybreath and I glided through the water together as one and the experience was as if I had never swam before.

I have swam in the Atlantic off the coast of Fort Lauderdale for four years but I was stunned by this new experience. Compare the difference to the extremes of moving from an ancient four inch black & white kitchen television to the Ultra High Definition flat screens.

The narrow confines of a traditional snorkel give you a very myopic binocular view of the world around you. Easybreath opens up your view from a telescope to a panorama. In the ocean this swimmer is almost always aware of the chance of a passing shark and the all-encompassing view preserves your entire peripheral experience. The range of vision is so wide that you can simultaneously view the under and above sea world to ensure you don’t run into a wader or note your progress following the coast. The extension of my peripheral vision allowed me to follow a barracuda to my right and view fish all around me that previously I would have missed.

You are advised by Tribord to fully submerge, but the broad view showed compelling shells that insisted I dive down a few feet and grab them.  The snorkel just halted inflow and then when I resurfaced just continued to function as if I had not left off.

I could not be more thrilled with this product. I am amazed by the fact the local scuba shops treat this like a passing fad. This product is not evolutionary but revolutionary as it isn’t an improved snorkel and mask but an entirely new experience in snorkeling and swimming. Today was my most enjoyable swim of all time for approximately 1/3rd mile and had absolutely no issues.

I will further add a confession that I am really bad with straps – I don’t care if it is a bike helmet, snorkel or just regular swim goggles – I cannot get the straps adjusted right. This product eliminates the entire frustrating dilemma of wasting many minutes with the traditional straps and trying to get the mask to fit your head. One tiny adjustment in the back and I was off in seconds.

When I did my initial research I saw a comment by a skeptic pointing out a picture with water inside of the mask. Yes – water on occasion does come in and immediately goes right back out again from the bottom as if it was never there. Marvel at the oddity of a salty experience without having to ingest the salt.

Day Two

The day two trial was what I really needed to give the mask a test. Unlike day one where the Atlantic was a glorious lake, day two provided two to three feet waves and sufficient turbulence to test the product in less than ideal conditions. Ocean experiences with wave action are much more common and the prevailing experience that consumers will face while snorkeling.

As I began, I was surprised and pleased at the lack of play and readjustment of the straps. Constant adjustments of traditional masks is an annoyance that makes the overall Tribord experience far superior. Straps that don’t falter results in no choking on salt water, losing vision and having to stop and readjust in order to continue. 

I was curious to see if the lens would fog up. With traditional masks first time usage never has fogging and then some for the second time and third time they certainly will. There was no fog on the lens – beautiful clear vision.

My routine is that before I decide to swim I check the conditions. I have historically avoided swimming when wave action is more than a foot due to the hassle of mask instability. That narrows swimming window significantly and therefore I was in dire need that the Easybreath would succeed. The Easybreath had no issues: no water pouring in from the top, no mask thrown off from the impact of a strong wave, no fogginess. Another pleasant experience with a little bit of being tossed about by the waves. I went a ½ mile as I did not want to get out of the water – a phenomenal experience.

With the ocean swim season in Florida gradually winding down as the ocean grows tumultuous I realize the stability of the Easybreath extends my ocean season and delays the onset of pool season. For me, a person with pulmonary (lung) issues that benefits greatly from the salt air, this is a very important benefit.

Day Three

Day Three is here and a calm day. Unusual for November, and although Easybreath can handle the washing machine action of the ocean, I still prefer the calm snorkeling swim experience. Today’s immersion  validated and concluded that this is a dependable product with consistent performance that I can rely on. If I could only say the same for the ocean that offers the exact opposite every darn day!

Wow Factor – Remember the first time you saw an iPhone? Fax Machine? Minecraft? People are having a similar reaction when they see me snorkeling with the Easybreath. They stop, point at it, and ask me questions. The Triboard EasyBreath is definitely getting attention and has the wow factor that is typical with revolutionary products.

In conclusion, the Tribord Easybreath is a groundbreaking snorkeling solution that mitigates the challenges of the open water experience by providing a reliable and easy to use product. Forget the pool – the open water beckons you and the Tribord Easybreath will make snorkeling an enjoyable and natural experience.

Now – Tribord – how do we get rid of Man of Wars and Sharks? Is there an app for that?? 🙂

Great job Tribord!!





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