Rubio isn't

Rubio Isn’t Rubio – Rubio Is Counterfeit

Rubio Isn’t

Marco Rubio is counterfeit.

Rubio isn’t Rubio – translation Blonde

Rubio isn’t a winner – Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura

Rubio isn’t a contender – how can he beat Hillary in a national election if he can’t beat Cruz or Kasich in a Republican Primary???  Logic, people??

Rubio isn’t a conservative – Gang of eight – Amnesty, etc.

Rubio isn’t popular – even in his home state – Florida going to Trump

Rubio isn’t genuine – he will say anything to get elected – penis size jokes – seriously?

Rubio isn’t anti-establishment – he is for sale – all the Jeb money has gone to him

Rubio isn’t for the voters – he is for sale to the donor class and therefore obligated to the buyers – not the electorate

Rubio isn’t for us – he is for Rubio and his recent ruthlessness shows he has blind ambitions to win for Rubio and not for us

Rubio isn’t – any different from Obama – young, inexperienced Senator with no accomplishments willing to do or say anything to get elected

Rubio isn’t any different than Obama – no experience with leadership or even a small group of people that aren’t interns

Rubio isn’t qualified – another senator with insider experience who only knows how to say yah or nay but not at the right times

Rubio isn’t skilled at creating jobs – he only has created many words and carbon dioxide

Rubio isn’t – any different than every other politician that uses their charisma and eloquence to garner votes

Rubio isn’t – someone for you to invest a vote because he won’t invest in you

Rubio isn’t Trump – Trump is real, Trump is not owned by the donors, Trump is owned by the voters and loyal to them and this country, Trump is a patriot, Trump is experienced in running massive organizations, Trump has contributed to this country, Trump has created jobs.  Trump has done more for this country and his employees than Rubio most likely every will.

Rubio isn’t.

Why isn’t this obvious??

Ham – SMH – OUT!!




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