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Republican Debate Thoughts – Bought and Paid For Hypocrites

Republican Debate – Trump won again thanks to Cruz and Rubio.

Debate Review

Cruz and Rubio’s thrust –  He who donates is worse than he who accepts donations!!

Trump for President – Not for Sale

Last night was another illustration of what is so wrong with our political system.  The democrats and republicans are all corrupt – Hillary. Cruz, and Rubio all attacking the donor system they support and perpetuate while accepting their donations.

The democrats do the same – Clintons and Obama attack the banks while accepting millions from them.  Bought and paid for.

Republican debate – Cruz and Rubio- whom are relying on funds from special interest to run their campaigns and attack Trump who isn’t  for making those sorts of donations to other politicians in the past.  Do they think us so stupid that we can’t figure out who pays for the starch in their shirts?  Bought and paid for.

Cashing the checks while criticizing the donors.


Isn’t this the very point of Trump’s attacks on traditional politics and the corruption that is part and parcel?  Isn’t this what Trump is seeking to convey to the voters when he says his campaign is self-funded?

Republican Debate – Cruz, Rubio – Yes, you are right – Trump donated money to politicians we don’t like.  Are you scrutinizing the checks you ate endorsing?  Have you denied a single donation?

Trump runs a vast enterprise that relies on corrupt politicians viewing him and his business endeavors favorably.  Have any of you worked with the government at all?  If you need to add an addition to your house, get a build a building permit, occupancy permit, inspection approved, etc. you know that the process is a nightmare.  Now, extrapolate that if you can to the idea of trying to get a casino opened, a hotel finished, a condo development complete – what do you have to do in today’s world to get that done?

Trump donates to Clinton – translate – he needs to build in New York

Trump donates to Pelosi – translate – he needs to build in San Francisco

Trump donates to Reid – translate – he needs to build in Vegas or Reno

Do they think us all rubes?  We know the politicians mostly enter D.C. and their elected offices poor or of average wealth – they all leave wealthy…graft.

On stage they criticize Trump for making donations to politicians, off stage Rubio, Cruz and Clinton all cash those very checks.  Are they refusing donations from groups they don’t agree with politically?  Are the Clintons?

What a bunch of crap – they seek to disavow him when they are part of the cause of his behavior.  This is exactly why we need Trump – he knows the system is broken having had to work it for decades and pinch his nose while making the donations.

Trump is accepting money from no one and spending almost no money on his campaign.

When will the politicians get it?  We don’t believe them anymore.  Rubio and Cruz are both eloquent and did well in the republican debate last night but it is irrelevant and part of a political process that is at least temporarily ineffective.   We have all bought products from eloquent people we learned were full of crap and after the last two elections of republicans that have done nothing we are finished with the empty suits.

Republican Debate Conclusion – No thanks – we don’t need a President who won his debate club championship trophy and will make decisions with his donors in mind.  Give us Trump for President – the only candidate who is free of special interests and obligated to only the voters.

Ham – SMH – Out.



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