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Liberal Bias in Media and Entertainment

Liberal Bias in Media and Entertainment – This is biased.

Don’t you think everything you read or listen to should have a disclaimer that states whether or not it is biased?  I mean why not?  There are always warnings for food products, medicine and even video games warning what the product contains or might do.  For example: Zero Transfat, MSG, Don’t Eat Lead Based Paint, Game Has Mature Elements–MA, and my favorite: This medication may cause seizures!! 

Why not also require a upfront warning to those industries that present information as objective and contribute to the individual’s decision on how to vote?  Why not entertainment, be it music, television, movies, or even books?  Why not education?  Why don’t we stamp on teacher’s foreheads which political viewpoint they represent and might portray in the classroom to our children?  This would help solve the political dilemma of those fence sitters, the Independents, as they would have to deal with their entire forehead being covered with the word in three parts.

You don’t actually believe that these sources of information aren’t biased do you?  There are countless examples almost every day of bias for instance:  The New York Times front page reporting on the arrest of the Acorn whistleblowers but burying the Reverend Wright story.  Another: Wolf Blitzer from CNN pushing Bush’s record low poll ratings but completely avoiding Obama’s record low poll ratings.  Those are the ones you hear about if you ever turn on Fox News.  But how about those innocuous instances that are so subtle that they infiltrate our systems just as insidiously as Transfat clogs up our arteries?

The best example of bias served as dessert is a show that I imagine influenced my previously un-enlightened viewpoints.  Let’s go way back to the classic TV show All in the Family.  Remember Archie?  He has become the poster child for the standard Republican.  Archie was an ignorant racist, sexist, bigot that enjoyed belittling his innocent wife: Dingbat, the intellectual hippie: Meathead, and his daughter Gloria, the innocent liberal trying to keep the peace.  CBS produced this brilliant show featuring Carroll O’Connor; note a bleeding heart liberal.  Norman Lear is a famous liberal that wrote and produced the show and hired other liberal writers to pile on.   Together they used humor to advance a political agenda and establish a lingering image of the Republican party that has branded them to this day.   In 2005 Archie Bunker was named by Bravo as the number 1 of 100 in Greatest TV Characters.  That’s pretty effective bias.

You may ask: How does Archie relate to current instances of bias?  Well, have you ever noticed that starting with poor old Dan Quayle that every republican that has any star potential is labeled an idiot by the triple threat of Education, Media, and Entertainment?  Ronald Reagan was a senile fool.  Sarah Palin is a dunce.  George Bush, despite his degrees from Yale and Harvard, is considered by many to be a complete moron.  I think the Archie Bunker factor is pretty darn pervasive with a strong assist from the media.   The media has sponsored and endorsed these views of those ignorant Republicans and while so doing trumped up their favorites.  The ingenious Obama, the brilliant Clintons, those dashing Kennedy’s, and so on and so on.  There is an obvious pattern of bias perpetuated by every imaginable medium.  Newspapers, television, film, education, radio all dripping with the slimy ooze of agenda.

Not like the good old days, right?  For those of you that hearken back to a day when honesty prevailed and politicians served for the good of the people and journalists actually were objective, well, forget it.  Those days actually never existed.  In the earliest days of our republic the Founders deployed hair-raising tactics that make today’s debates resemble boys pasting kick me signs on each other’s backs.  Thomas Jefferson; you know the guy with all the really big buildings and is on the nickel with that cool ponytail?  Would you believe that this guy had the gall while he worked for George Washington – another guy with a ponytail – to hire a journalist named Freneau to write nasty articles about our first President?  It’s true.  The man was a college friend of James Madison and Jefferson employed him while he was Washington’s Secretary of State.  Yes, he was also therefore paid directly by Washington to write nasty articles about Washington labeling him as treasonous amongst other things.  Freneau and Jefferson both got away for this for a while by using a nom de plume.

Another example is that Jefferson penned entire articles for publication under a pseudonym that blasted his political rivals.  That was just the warm-up as Jefferson then hires a Scottish journalist named James Callender who publishes scandalous lies about President Adams that are so wrong that they contribute to the passage of a bill called the Aliens and Seditions Act that allows Adams to throw Callender in prison.  Talk about violating free speech!  Before he lands in jail he also publishes a series of untruths attacking George Washington.  However, Callender’s piece de resistance is the publication of something he didn’t even write.  With the help of Jefferson’s right hand man – James Madison – Callender gains the confidential admission that was intended only for Congress, of an adulterous affair between Washington’s right hand man – Alexander Hamilton and a young beauty named Maria Reynolds.

Result?  Adams serves only one term as President and Hamilton’s chance for the Presidency, once a near shoe-in, is forever ended along with his political career.  Surprise, surprise, guess who ends up as President?  Well, of course, the Godfather of the Founding Fathers: Thomas Vito Corleone Jefferson.  Guess what, that nickel you have in your pocket?  It’s wooden.  That two dollar bill, well let’s say that two was the wrong number….  A clear vindictive campaign of bias and falsehoods elected our 2nd President and destroyed the lives of plenty in the process.

So what happens next in the good old days of our republic?  They rescind the Aliens & Seditions Act and Callender gets out but his good friend Thomas won’t help him get a job.  The next headline by Mr. Callender:  Jefferson and servant Sally Hemings aren’t up all night playing cribbage.  Yes, unbiased objective journalism at its best.  But for this once: true.

The point of all of this trashy history is that like it or not, our current, slanted, dishonest manipulation of information is nearly as old as its opposite: The Constitution.  As long as we’ve had the world’s first system of one man, one vote, there have been well organized powerful forces attempting to subjugate that vote.  So readers beware what channel you tune, what newspaper you read, what movie you watch and what your kids learn at school; political bias lurks behind that eloquent writing and bright white teeth.  The moment you buy the message you won’t even notice that the vote you cast wasn’t yours.  They’re waiting to pounce on you and rip that vote right out of your hands and cast it for you.

This is biased.





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