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Job Transfers and Relo – Should You Move?

Job transfers and relo are often the reward for being successful and upwardly mobile in a corporation which is ironic as it is often more of a hardship.  However, job transfers and relo are a reality for millions of us rambling families who follow the siren call of a corporate career.  This blog entry introduces a series on best places and worst places to relocate under the heading “Life of A Tumbling Weed”.  I will not seek to write an exhaustive piece ranking the top 50 best places to move to, but rather provide insight on those specific locales I have lived or visited extensively to provide detailed and accurate insider information.  I hope this information helps you realize that that promotion may very well not be one and that turning down job transfers and relo may be the best decision you ever made.

Many of my friends and family that have lived in the same place their whole lives reference envy at the experience of relocation as something intriguing.  For those if us that have lived it, it is largely the opposite.  Talk about the grass being greener – After living in seventeen cities, seven states and three countries,.a settled home and long time neighbors and friends seems pretty compelling to me.

While you chase that Gold Watch and next rung on the ladder there are cities you should leap at and then others you avoid like the plague and I have lived in both.  From Rome and Paris to Denver and Los Angeles I will provide my candid, New Jersey opinionated viewpoint.  Like many things, opinions on locale are highly subjective but on this topic there are patrolling realtors and residents seeking to protect their home equity, appreciation rate and sales commissions.  I have spent a vast amount of time on sites including these.  :

City Data


Neighborhood Scout 

These tools and others have been sought out and leveraged in order to best overcome the mountains of subjectivity and best ascertain the objective truth about a specific state, county, city, zip code and neighborhood.

I will cover these sites and more in a forthcoming blog on best website to assist your job transfer or relo.

Please provide your candid feedback and apologies to my dear friends in those areas I don’t flatter.  You helped me survive those places and I am grateful.

Best to you and enjoy the blog!




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