How to Make Money Blogging – Hint:Choose the Best Mentor

How to Make Money Blogging – That is where our focus should be as it is why most of us are endeavoring on this voyage.  However, as we pursue a livelihood, we should chase it in the best manner possible. In the information overload world of blogging, some old fashioned values go a long way.

Helpful, Courteous, Kind…so starts the Scout Law.

I wish blogging were as easy as memorizing the oath but it is a long. challenging journey.  I wish all the bloggers putting out information on how to blog, led their intent with the words of the Scout Law; but they don’t. Today,  I will share with you a few special bloggers that do meet those traits.  These guides are who to follow and will instruct you on how to make money blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging
Norman Rockwell’s – All Together is a fitting representation on ho these helpful bloggers are seeking to help the new bloggers.

Most of us will likely have a couple of the traits a successful blogger needs.  Maybe writing great content.  Maybe, being great with code and technology.  Maybe, incredible photographers or markets.  Maybe inventors or social media mavens.  Maybe entrepreneurs or public speakers or strategic thinkers or pod-casters or you-tubers.    For us mere mortals who do not possess all of those traits, but still are intent on being a successful blogger, we must augment our skills with the learnings of these rare, modern day Merlin’s who have proven how to make money blogging.

To succeed in this quest, the one skill we all must possess is the ability to learn.  However, from which of the many blogging wizards do we choose?  We cannot possibly read all of the hundreds of thousands of blog entries out there and actually still produce a blog.  Even if you set out out to sift through the vast sands of the internet in a quest for blogging gems, you will find the trail daunting.and frequently filled with counterfeit, outdated and repetitive information.

Neophyte Blogger searching through the world wide web for the precise information to help him.
Neophyte Blogger searching through the world wide web for the precise information to help him.

I have been fortunate to find a few bloggers that just don’t post and ghost but actually interact in a way reminiscent of the Scout Oath.  .They have shown me the way and acted as my compass, and therefore I will seek to share their guidance with you.  (I am the little guy in the picture below).

How to Make Money Blogging
A good blogger mentor shows us the way.


Starting a Blog Blogs

Choose very carefully which treasure map to follow.  I initially followed about fifteen to start and now I have circled back and settled on one.  Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe is the person to follow to the end of the rainbow.  The only thing I am lacking is Ana’s coffee brand because she is always on task. Read and follow her very nice step by step guide to learn how to make money blogging.

Bloggers on Blogging

There are no shortage of these and not all of them are worthwhile or current.  Don’t cast a wide like I did but pick your winners carefully.  The links that follow are active, accurate and well thought out.

  • Ana Hoffman- She manages to have a presence and a persona on-line.  Not sure how people are able to carry their charisma onto a screen comprised of bits and bytes but her wording leaps off the screen and is impactful in a very real and succinct fashion.  .Go to her site and be prepared for a seven course meal on actionable blogging: FEAST
  • Zac Johnson – Is clearly on the ball and working hard – I have seem immediate engagement from him and you can expect his support.Visit Zac here.
  • Moz – Do you want to get your blogging PHD?  Get your reading glasses on and a pot of coffee ready and dive in! Moz is a very informative and thorough site that will need to be read more than once to try and digest all of the information out there.

Clever Tips on Linking

  • Ana strikes again with great examples on how to stand out in a very crowded field.

Unique Ideas to Gain More Traffic

I have read so many what to do articles and, frankly, most of them say the same stuff in different ways.  Ana Hoffman brings novelty to an otherwise commoditized topic.  I was saving many bloggers posts to gain the necessary knowledge to become successful but now am narrowing it down to Ana and a couple other key sources.

  • Case in Point  – Slide share to Gain More Traffic – Ana and Traffic Generation Cafe is the only blog I have seen reference this idea which is very refreshing after seeing 500 versions of how to use Facebook and Twitter. The Pareto Principle no less!

Be Everywhere: How to Convert a Blog Post into PDF in Under 60 Seconds

Key Weapons

Finally, realize that inspiration frequently comes before the roosters are awake so don’t ignore the four A.M. call but get up and get to work.  These formerly secret weapons are now yours to use with caution and love.  Live dangerously!!

At last, you have the map, you have the compass, and now you have the energy.  Giddy-up!

Best to you and yours,




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