Hillary Clinton Sick

Hillary Clinton Sick – We Must Operate!!

Hillary Clinton Sick – We always knew it had to be the case.

Can you imagine being her?  Hillary Clinton sick is an understatement.  I mean with a husband like Bill cheating left and right and everyone knowing about it. Having to deal with arrogant idiots like Obama and the world’s largest moron, Joe Biden.  At least dumb ass Gore is gone.  Still, how could Hillary Clinton sick be a surprise to anyone?

The banana peel shows the rot on the inside and she sure does too.  Proof that money cannot buy happiness although further proof that dishonesty and evil does buy power.  Liars Prosper.

To Ben Garrison – A shout out to the only Conservative Cartoonist brave and brilliant enough to show America the truth about our corrupt politicians! All of your work has me mesmerized and envious of your talent and sense of humor. This one, though, has me shaking my head in wonder and awe.

Ben Garrison – Cartoons Against Tyranny

Nice work!!

Ham – Stat!!


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