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Establishment Against Trump – Ryan – Serve the People

Paul – Representing the Establishment Against Trump, 

No – I am not going to address you as Mr., or Speaker, or Honorable.  You are my servant and I will address you accordingly.  Have you ever heard of the people, for the people, by the people or are you representing the establishment against Trump instead?

It seems that you are no different than Obama or other ideologues that grow up indoctrinated into a specific political view that seek to force that belief on an unwilling populace.   Rather than serving the people, career politicians like yourself seek to serve themselves.  Not anymore.

Tyrants like yourself have sought to force their own will and represent it as the people’s for millennium. It has failed every time, that is, until one day, a dream called the United States came to be.  A few brave men classified by the ruling class as rabble – a position you seem amenable with – fought back against the very narcissistic view that what one ruler (as you consider yourself) believed was more important than what the populace wanted.

Suddenly, Americans are aware that our system of which you are part does not represent us and likely has not for some time.  We have learned through this process that the machinations of government grind on in dark cellars and vaults unseen and undetected by us fools that faithfully fill out the ballot believing in the guise of one man, one vote.

For the first time for me – I am seeing the machinery behind the façade.  The hood of the car is open and the cleverly wired and designed schemes of people like yourselves are laid bare for all to see.  The skeletal remains of your deception on the American people.

Establishment Against Trump

We have spoken but you disagree.

We have spoken but you know better.

We have spoken but we are ignorant.

We have spoken but you don’t care.

You no longer represent us – you probably never did.

You represent the guy in the mirror.

You represent the career politicians.

You represent the failed efforts of “honorable men”.

You represent the leaders who surrendered their country to Obama but not their pride.

You represent those who think “I did my best” but didn’t fight for us.

You represent those who abandoned their constituents.

You represent those who benefit regardless of who is in power.

You represent those who do not represent us.

Now, we finally have a chance to select a leader that will not follow your failed example, your broken designs and your corrupt system and you have the nerve to question his worthiness.   At least your lack of judgment and gall is consistent.

You don’t like his tone – we don’t like being unemployed.

You don’t like his coarseness – we don’t like losing our net worth.

You don’t like what he says – we don’t like losing our homes.

You think he is rude – we think our children deserve stability and security.

You don’t think he has the credentials – we don’t like seeing those that do bailing out unions and banks but letting our industries and retirements die.

You think his tactics are ruthless and un-seeming – we want to defeat the democrats.

You think you should have a different candidate – we say that isn’t your call.

The republican establishment which you claim to represent had their chance.

I voted for you and Romney – you failed.

I voted for McCain and Palin – they failed.

I voted for GW Bush – he won the Presidency but failed the nation by allowing the democrats to stain the party permanently with the blame for the economy.

I voted for Dole and Kemp and on and on.

Where have all of these “honorable” people been the last two terms of Obama?

No one has fought for us.

No one has served us.

No one has done anything to stop the democrats.

Boehner has been crying.

GW Bush is walking his dog.

GH Bush is jumping out of planes still.

Romney has been invisible – skiing I gather.

Ryan – who’s he?

What have you done?

You claim the authority but none of the responsibility.

You want the power but have not earned it.

You have not sought to clear the Republican’s blame but now seek to challenge our candidate?

You have not fought Obama or Biden but now seek to fight Trump?

You have been invisible while the democrats ran roughshod over those you claim to represent and now you speak against our nominee?

You seek to assert your will that has not been endorsed by the American people and seek to strip the will of a person that has been endorsed by the American people.

You have no right.

Your resume to the country is one thing and one thing only: You lost.

I get the chip on the shoulder – you lost to Biden.  About the biggest jackass the American political system has ever seen.  At least Obama and Clinton are clever and calculating.  Nonetheless, you made Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin look good.  You were humiliated.

Trump wasn’t and won’t be.

We want him – not you.

Ham – Out.

Establishment Against Trump

Establishment Against Trump
Ryan failed when he had his chance and now fails again in giving the voters another chance


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