Election 2016

Election 2016 – Jumping Into The Fray

Election – Electing to Enlist Political Bloggers

This blog has been created to assist families like my own get through the very similar hurdles we have to leap on a daily basis. Case in point, my likely next post will be on sports nutrition for a child as a google search offers a vast amount of information but no clear and definitive direction. My post will.

The election is all pervasive and radio, television, print, billboards, education system, phone calls, texts, emails, etc. will expose you and your children to the 2016 election cycle. Whoever is elected will have broad and direct implications for all of us. While politics can be ugly and not part of the original blueprint for this blog I have come to realize I cannot offer proper value by ignoring a very hot topic that many people are following to seek clarity and viewpoint. Like all of us, I have friends on both sides of the spectrum and will be introducing them as guest bloggers with their myriad views to offer my visitors information they can use to educate and inform.

I have lined up an acquaintance blogger from the conservative side of the house and am still narrowing down options from the liberal side. My conservative friend goes by the nickname HAM and is writing furiously. I am currently of the mind that I will name his blog Conservative Champion and then the opposing the Liberal Lion – I confess I have always had a thing for alliteration – I thinks its awesome. 🙂

The normal disclosure follows – these opinions expressed by these polar opposites are not necessarily my own and as my audience is broad like my topics and their viewpoint important we will be respectful of everyone’s opinions. However, I will say that I would rather have passionate disagreements than apathetic wallflowers so bring anything besides nothing.

Best to you and your families.


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