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Donald Trump and the Self Destructive Republican National Committee

Donald Trump and the Self Destructive Republican National Committee – At last Jeb Bush is out and with a little luck the RNC will get the heck out of the way of the voter’s will.

This idea of learning from history is myopic if we only selectively learn from a kernel of the past.

Rather than the misapplication of the Perot label from 1992 on a Trump in 2015  shouldn’t we take a dose of humility and reality from the subsequent losses?

How did having loyal Republican candidates like Romney, McCain and Dole help the Republican party?  How did it help our country?

The RNC, John McCain, and Mitt Romney gave us two terms of Obama and the resulting devastation.  The lackluster Dole and Kemp ticket guaranteed another 4 years of Clinton which led to 9/11 and today’s Hillary.

Donald Trump doesn’t need the Republican establishment and he knows it.  The Republicans need him and they know it.  We have never had a candidate like Trump before who has mass appeal across party lines due his celebrity status.  That is, unless we consider Ronald Reagan who drew upon his past as an actor.

Instead of risking alienating our strongest Presidential candidate since Reagan I should wonder that we could get the RNC to begin enforcing conservative values on politicians that represent themselves as Republicans.

Shouldn’t  we grow the conservative leadership in this country across the board by having a set of principles that politicians with an R next to their name must bind themselves to?  The Republicans that tax and spend do us more regular and irreparable harm than a 3rd party candidate every two hundred years.  The Republicans that don’t meet their campaign commitments of overthrowing Obama Care and defunding Planned Parenthood should be the focus of the RNC.

Wake up RNC and as the saying goes: Physician – Heal thyself!!

Donald Trump for President!!

RNC – go coif your hair and sail your yacht on the Chesapeake and stay out our way.

So sick of career politicians.


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