From The Scouter’s Skinny

Long ago in another time and place I was a boy scout and due that resonating experience decided to raise my two sons in scouting. Through these last 8 years I was drawn into becoming a Scouter and currently serve as a Cubmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Member, Den Leader, Shopping and Camping Chair and many other hats while being involved with four different units.

Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scouts of America – Top Resources to Run A Scout Unit

Boy Scouts of America is the organization for every child in America to develop into their full potential. Being a scout leader in one of the Boy Scouts of America organizations is also an incredible experience. The essential trait to the responsibility and privilege is being resourceful. Yes, resourcefulness is critical as a scout and a scout leader. If your…

leader recognition

Scout Leader Gifts and Recognition Ideas

Scout leader gifts and recognition are a very critical part of the Scouting program for many reasons.  For me, this is a calling but that does not mean my team feels the same.  Do not make the mistake of ensuring that the labor has been complete then gloss over recognizing your leaders as often as possible. Importance of Camaraderie Leaders…

Boys Christmas

Video Games and Your Children

Video games – sometimes us parents feel like video games are our nemesis.  In this blog I will address what the impacts are of addicting games, if video games cause violence, what are the effects of violent video games on children, and the biggest question which is how long should I permit my children to play per day? The holidays…

in high winds coming off the Atlantic  Coleman tents are our pack's choice for reliability and durability.

Parents, Scouts & Scouting – Coleman Outdoor Gear

Scouts, Scouters and Parents: Coleman Instant Tents Mean Instant Outdoor Fun Scouting has many joys and challenges – especially camping. For new scouts and their families attempting the great outdoors for the first time is daunting and find the right outdoor gear is critical. In particular, selecting and setting up a tent is a big hurdle and if the parents…