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Isis Terrorism

Isis Terrorism – Country and Family First, Party Last

Isis Terrorism spreading like wildfire I’ve lived in Paris and visited the amazing city many times.  I have, stood on top of the World Trade Center the night my wife and I were engaged, been in the Rome and Madrid airports where I first came face to face with patrolling soldiers with machine guns.  Now – I see those soldiers…

2016 election

2016 Election How to Sell a President-Trump/Cruz Ticket

2016 Election People forget that Reagan wasn’t a Washington insider and that the Republican establishment was even then looking for a moderate who – ironically –  for the 1980 election was George H Bush.  In fact, it was George H Bush that derisively called Reagan’s fiscal plans “voodoo economics.” Reagan had to go out and drive the vote through charisma and…

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Racist! I’m A Racist Just Like Scalia

Racist!!  I Guess I’m a Racist This weekend I criticized my 10 year old for not focusing on doing his chores and for having bad nutrition that fed his attention deficit disorder. I’m a racist pig. I admit it – I lose patience when we have to get to the school bus and he is wandering round like a helicopter…

Hillary Clinton Sick

Hillary Clinton Sick – We Must Operate!!

Hillary Clinton Sick – We always knew it had to be the case. Can you imagine being her?  Hillary Clinton sick is an understatement.  I mean with a husband like Bill cheating left and right and everyone knowing about it. Having to deal with arrogant idiots like Obama and the world’s largest moron, Joe Biden.  At least dumb ass Gore…