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HAM the ham.

Donald Trump's Revolution

The Donald Won It All – How Sweet It Is!!

To Donald – Yes – I am gloating – I am amongst the rare species that picked Donald Trump in the summer of 2015 to win it all. I created this blog specifically to write for him and this election in the hopes that my minor contributions might extend my voting influence beyond my one. Donald I am so thrilled…

Textile Industry & Manufacturing jobs sold by the Clintons

Clinton’s NAFTA China WTO Killed Textile Industry, U.S. Manufacturing

The Textile Industry Was once a solid career for American workers in the rural United States. Did you, a relative or a friend work in the textile industry? They lost their livelihood, their career, and maybe their home in the nineties. Do you know why? According to Barack Obama: the textile industry and many other manufacturing jobs were destroyed because…

Welfare State

The Wall Street Journal’s Dark Message of Elitism

Today we peruse the Wall Street Journal and learn from Mr. Galston that the “higher-educated”, the “up-scale”, “educated whites” and “more educated” are going to vote for Hillary.  In using these specific phrases he portrays his own dark and jaded viewpoint of those of us without a college degree. More Condescending Crap from Ivory Tower Elites  For the record I…

Clinton's Performance

Clinton’s Performance Cost Telecom Sector +500k Jobs

The Clinton’s performance over the last 30 years is the obvious forecast of how they will govern in the future. Voters are hopefully inspecting the Clinton’s performance to judge whether to vote for Hillary in 2016. As they cost the telecommunications, technology and other industries over a half million jobs with this single piece of legislation, voters should scrutinize the record…

Trump a Fascist? Trump Fascism

Trump Fascism – Who are the Fascists??

Trump Fascism?? I am working on a graphic showing the hypocrisy and absurdity of those who label Trump a fascist. They are typically those ignorant idiots that voted in Obama who has defied the separation of powers through open criticism and circumvention of the judicial and legislative branches. This cartoon conveys the sentiment that I hope to impart.  …