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How to Make Money Blogging – Hint:Choose the Best Mentor

How to Make Money Blogging – That is where our focus should be as it is why most of us are endeavoring on this voyage.  However, as we pursue a livelihood, we should chase it in the best manner possible. In the information overload world of blogging, some old fashioned values go a long way. Helpful, Courteous, Kind…so starts the…

Moving to Minnesota

Moving to Minnesota – I suggest NOT

Moving to Minnesota Are you considering moving to Minnesota or moving to Minneapolis, St Paul or anywhere in the Twin Cities?  I suggest before you accept as gospel all of those “best places to move to” articles you read this entry on Minnesota relocation. I found myself moving to Minnesota a few years back and wish I had a blog…

A Special Place Indeed

Job Transfers and Relo – Should You Move?

Job transfers and relo are often the reward for being successful and upwardly mobile in a corporation which is ironic as it is often more of a hardship.  However, job transfers and relo are a reality for millions of us rambling families who follow the siren call of a corporate career.  This blog entry introduces a series on best places…