Ham is just that. Someone who craves attention and is willing to say or do about anything to get it. His parents were prescient when they starting using his initials as his nickname.

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    Welfare State

    United Welfare State of Felines

    The Welfare State and the Pecking Order I witness social interactions between people each day and as most am fascinated by the natural interplay of cultural basis in those dealings.  It is amazing to witness Red Sox and Yankees fans living together without any routine bloodshed.  If society has managed to break that cycle of hate and evolve to a…

    Liberal Bias

    Liberal Bias in Media and Entertainment

    Liberal Bias in Media and Entertainment – This is biased. Don’t you think everything you read or listen to should have a disclaimer that states whether or not it is biased?  I mean why not?  There are always warnings for food products, medicine and even video games warning what the product contains or might do.  For example: Zero Transfat, MSG,…

    Donald Trump

    Donald Trump and the Self Destructive Republican National Committee

    Donald Trump and the Self Destructive Republican National Committee – At last Jeb Bush is out and with a little luck the RNC will get the heck out of the way of the voter’s will. This idea of learning from history is myopic if we only selectively learn from a kernel of the past. Rather than the misapplication of the…

    Killing Babies Hate Crimes Abortion, Murder

    Killing Babies – The Walking Dead

    Killing Babies – The Walking Dead Yes, I’m hooked to the Walking Dead– I admit it.  A guilty pleasure I am compelled to explain as fixation on what people are willing to do to survive in the most unimaginable circumstances. What also strikes me about the show is the apocalyptic scenes of abandoned cities, empty streets, and near extinction of our…