Ham is just that. Someone who craves attention and is willing to say or do about anything to get it. His parents were prescient when they starting using his initials as his nickname.

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    Millennials 2016 Election

    This election the Millennials have many reasons to vote.  A likely leading cause is that 40% of Millennials are unemployed and many likely still living with their parents.  The clever political slogan of Hope and Change is to most sober minded individuals exactly that.  Even decades of liberal indoctrination to these young voters courtesy of the public education system will…

    conservatives against trump

    Establishment Against Trump – Ryan – Serve the People

    Paul – Representing the Establishment Against Trump,  No – I am not going to address you as Mr., or Speaker, or Honorable.  You are my servant and I will address you accordingly.  Have you ever heard of the people, for the people, by the people or are you representing the establishment against Trump instead? It seems that you are no different…

    Rubio isn't

    Rubio Isn’t Rubio – Rubio Is Counterfeit

    Rubio Isn’t Marco Rubio is counterfeit. Rubio isn’t Rubio – translation Blonde Rubio isn’t a winner – Minnesota elected Jesse Ventura Rubio isn’t a contender – how can he beat Hillary in a national election if he can’t beat Cruz or Kasich in a Republican Primary???  Logic, people?? Rubio isn’t a conservative – Gang of eight – Amnesty, etc. Rubio…

    Republican debate

    Republican Debate Thoughts – Bought and Paid For Hypocrites

    Republican Debate – Trump won again thanks to Cruz and Rubio. Debate Review Cruz and Rubio’s thrust –  He who donates is worse than he who accepts donations!! Trump for President – Not for Sale Last night was another illustration of what is so wrong with our political system.  The democrats and republicans are all corrupt – Hillary. Cruz, and Rubio…

    trump on abortion

    Trump on Abortion – Electing a CEO

    Trump on Abortion – We are Electing a CEO I am watching the Washington insiders spin like tops over the idea of Trump being the Republican nominee.  The avowed conservatives I admire like those who participated in the recent National Review attack piece including Glenn Beck, Bozell, Boaz, etc. are caught up on the message rather than the meaning, the points rather…