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    Boy Scouts of America

    Boy Scouts of America – Top Resources to Run A Scout Unit

    Boy Scouts of America is the organization for every child in America to develop into their full potential. Being a scout leader in one of the Boy Scouts of America organizations is also an incredible experience. The essential trait to the responsibility and privilege is being resourceful. Yes, resourcefulness is critical as a scout and a scout leader. If your…

    Election 2016

    Election 2016 – Jumping Into The Fray

    Election – Electing to Enlist Political Bloggers This blog has been created to assist families like my own get through the very similar hurdles we have to leap on a daily basis. Case in point, my likely next post will be on sports nutrition for a child as a google search offers a vast amount of information but no clear…

    leader recognition

    Scout Leader Gifts and Recognition Ideas

    Scout leader gifts and recognition are a very critical part of the Scouting program for many reasons.  For me, this is a calling but that does not mean my team feels the same.  Do not make the mistake of ensuring that the labor has been complete then gloss over recognizing your leaders as often as possible. Importance of Camaraderie Leaders…

    Moving to Minnesota

    Moving to Minnesota – I suggest NOT

    Moving to Minnesota Are you considering moving to Minnesota or moving to Minneapolis, St Paul or anywhere in the Twin Cities?  I suggest before you accept as gospel all of those “best places to move to” articles you read this entry on Minnesota relocation. I found myself moving to Minnesota a few years back and wish I had a blog…