Anti-Semitic Semite Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Anti-Semitic Semite – Debbie Wasserman Schulz – I am Third…Second…well…First

Anti-Semitic Semites – Yes – we have at least one democrat who has earned that title.  Read on:

Politicians First, Party Second, America and World Last

With a sub-heading like that you might be inclined to think I am going to talk about Bill Clinton and his Wayne’s World Presidency.

Maybe another day.

Today is reserved for another selfish politician that demonstrates the democrats’ philosophy of their own interests first.

Anti-Semitic – Debbie Wasserman Schultz

For generations we have seen validation that left leaning politicians put their own interests ahead of their country.

The Nazis, which by the way, translates to National Socialist German Workers’ Party put the party before Germany which merely served to put them in power.

Stalin, Lenin and company put their extreme left communism ahead of the country which merely served to put them in power.

In this country we deal with democrats who put their party’s and their own interests ahead of their country with their pandering to every possible special interest group to buy every vote they can.  The hell with principles and the Constitution.

Anti-Semitic Debbie now, is a rarity.  Many of us envy the Jewish people we know as unlike even our families they stick together and look out for each other’s interests.  After thousands of years of oppression they have had to.  But no, not our Debbie, she is so obsessed with climbing the democrat party ladder that her own religion, ancestry, family is yet another meaningless obstacle to crush on her destined way to her own self-aggrandizement.

Al Gore once learned the penalty for ignoring his own and losing his home state of Tennessee and it truly cost him the Presidency.

Anti-Semitic Debbie – don’t read this.  Burn those bridges, ignore everything that conscientious people would and become a pariah.  Please.  Our country has had enough of you so please support Iran over Israel, Iran over the United States, the democrats over the Constitution and we can gleefully watch you join the Gores, the Dukakis’, the Carters all fade into obscure and meaningless  history.

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