2016 election

2016 Election How to Sell a President-Trump/Cruz Ticket

2016 Election

People forget that Reagan wasn’t a Washington insider and that the Republican establishment was even then looking for a moderate who – ironically –  for the 1980 election was George H Bush.  In fact, it was George H Bush that derisively called Reagan’s fiscal plans “voodoo economics.”

Reagan had to go out and drive the vote through charisma and hard work and picked up Bush to placate the moderates.  To coin Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same.  Times change, names change, but how to win doesn’t – just pick up Sun Tzu’s Art of War to validate timeless strategies.

Here we are in 2015 and Reagan is now Trump, Bush is still Bush but Cruz is the conservative pick with more support.  It will be Trump and Cruz on the ticket as Carson and Jeb bring nothing to the table.

2016 Election –Trump Drives Populace to Vote for Him

This article is spot on and all that should matter to those conservatives amongst us fatigued with 8 years of Obama, lackluster candidates like McCain and Romney and eight years of a too moderate and trusting GW Bush.

This time we only need to focus on winning.  

Who will galvanize the voters?

Who will drive a popular vote to keep the liberals out of power?

2016 Election in Contrast to the past::

  • Reagan won on celebrity status and so will Trump
  • Kennedy defeated Nixon because he looked better on TV
  • Clinton won because he was the best liar
  • Obama won due rapturous fascination with electing the first black president

Selecting who to defeat the opposition is no different with a President than with an iPhone. What aspect of the product meets with the broadest appeal? Is it the ear plugs or is it the music?

In political science we learn that incumbents win due name recognition.  There is no difference in regards to the Presidential election.

2016 Election – The question Conservatives and Republicans need to ask themselves is:

What’s most important to you?

  1. Do you want the candidate that can defeat the liberals?
  2. The candidate that is the best conservative?
  3. The candidate that is the Republican moderate?
  4. The nice and novel candidate? 
  5. Do you want eight years of Hillary? 


  1. If you select number one than the candidate is Trump.
  2. If you select number two then Ted Cruz.
  3. Number three Jeb Bush
  4. Number four is Ben Carson 
  5. Number five is what you will get by voting for anyone but Trump.  

This is not complicated – just look at past elections and the pattern and lessons are all painfully evident.

Don’t listen to the political machine that thrives off the political process regardless of who emerges as the victor.  It isn’t the best campaigns or the most money and definitely not the best candidate that wins elections.

2016 Election Cycle – Drill this into your noggin: NAME RECOGNITION.

Now let’s end this ridiculous and meaningless primary and pair up Trump and Cruz and save this nation and the world from Armageddon.

Wake up America Before Its Too Late!!!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, Pray for No Terror Attacks, Be Thankful for surviving through the worst Presidency in the history of the United States and likely the world.

Ham OUT!

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